Who Uses Our Services

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Property Investors

We Perform Regular Scheduled Maintenance 

 Make Your Properties More Desirable to Tenants By Taking the Burden Off of Them! We Do All the Work!

 We Protect Your Financial Investment!

Active Families

 Helps to Keep Your Family Safe & Healthy!

 We Remember When Each Maintenance Task Has Been & Will Be Performed!

 Saves You Time & Money by Preventing Untimely Repairs!


 Prevents Falls From Ladders!

 No More Smoke Detectors Going Off at 2am!

 Reliable, Timely Service You Can Count On!

Physically Restricted

 No More Relying on Friends and Family to Take Care of These Tasks For You!

 Keeps You and Your Home Safer!

 Saves Money on Power Bills!

Our Services

Supply, Replace, and Install Smoke Detectors and Batteries for Detectors

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Supply and replace hard to reach light bulbs

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Dryer vent cleaning and replacement


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Supply and replace air filters


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lubricate and tune-up garage doors


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Supply and replace refrigerator water filters

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replace water softener salt

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replace batteries on keyless entry

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We’re There for You

Welcome! We wanted to take a minute to introduce our professional home maintenance team. In order to best serve you, our customers, we have gathered a dedicated knowledgeable team .

Our team specializes in bringing value to your home through both indoor and outdoor home maintenance projects. Whether you have a dryer that is taking too long to dry your clothes or are just too busy to remember when all these home maintenance tasks have been and need to be done again, we are here to help.

You don’t have to get fooled by a random 800 number where they ask for your zip code first and sell your contact information later or get stuck with an unlicensed or uninsured company.  When you call us, we will be the ones answering the phones. We are a family owned and operated company based in Allen, Texas. We are your neighbors and truly care for each of our clients.

Simply give us a call to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team today! We look forward to serving your family.